Keeping Schools Zunny

Keeping Schools Zunny

February 12, 2020

Keeping Schools Zunny | ZunnyDāz

New Charitable Partnership Between ZunnyDāz and The Wittmann School Education Foundation Will Help Schools Raise Much Needed Funds

Many educational institutions struggle for funding, and many entrepreneurs endeavor to give back. For the sunglasses company ZunnyDāz, it was easy to figure out how to support their community. On January 28, ZunnyDāz founder Tony Borriboonratana met with the Wittmann School Education Foundation in Cerritos, CA, and a new partnership was born. Now, the Wittman Elementary School will receive 25 percent of the proceeds from ZunnyDāz sunglasses sales.

For Borriboonratana, this arrangement perfectly symbolizes the ZunnyDāz mission: to offer quality, designer eyewear at a price everybody can afford, while ALWAYS giving back to socially conscious, local non-profit organizations. With this goal in mind, Borriboonratana met with the Foundation and presented his idea: to donate a portion of ZunnyDāz sales to the school. The school could leverage the ZunnyDāz brand for its fundraising efforts by creating campaigns to drive students’ families and friends to the website.

The ZunnyDāz team is also creating a custom web portal for the school, as well as creative assets for both email and snail-mail campaigns. To help prevent the school from incurring additional cost for fundraising, ZunnyDāz provides continual support to their efforts.

Borriboonratana is a serial entrepreneur who firmly believes in the power of these long-term partnerships, rather than giving occasionally. As a resident of Southern California, he saw both a need and an opportunity in sunglasses. “Living in Southern California, we wear sunglasses all-year-round so we go through at least four sunglasses per year due to wear and tear or just because we want a fresh pair of cool shades,” he says. Tapping into this huge market would be a great way to raise money for the SoCal community, he thought.

There’s a personal element to Borriboonratana’s mission: He is an alum of the Wittman Elementary School and now, his two children, aged six and eleven, attend the school. “Doing my part in running a small business and committing to always giving back to local schools and non-profits is rewarding on so many levels... both professionally and personally,” he says.

It adds up fast: If just one family member for every student buys a pair of ZunnyDāz sunglasses, that’s a $5-7 gift to the school. For a school with 600 pupils, that can add up to more than $4,000 in donations.

ZunnyDāz is continuing to recruit schools to join the program, which uses the ShoppingGives platform in coordination with the PayPal Giving Fund to disburse 25 percent of sunglasses sales directly to participating schools. Borriboonratana is aiming high, hoping to help every school in America to raise funds through a partnership with ZunnyDāz.

As ZunnyDāz sunglasses shield the wearer’s eyes from the sun, they’ll also support a sunnier future for Wittman Elementary — and hopefully, schools around the nation as well.