ZUNNY: Sunglass Trends for 2020

ZUNNY: Sunglass Trends for 2020

January 31, 2020

ZUNNY: Sunglass Trends for 2020 | ZunnyDāz

Summer will be here before we know it. Long and warm days, hours spent outside relaxing in the sun. They’re called the lazy days of summer for a reason.

Riding on the heels of summer is the overwhelming need for sunglasses. Frankly, if you don’t have a great pair of shades to adorn your face in the summer months, are you even living?

It’s time to start looking for the best pair of sunglasses for summer 2020. ZunnyDaz has a wide selection of this year’s trends and donates 25% of all sales to local non-profits. Without further adieu, here are the sunglass trends for 2020:

Cat Eye Sunglasses

Interesting and festive designs are set to be all the rage. Look for cat eye glasses in unique colors and patterns such as leopard and gold.

 ● Classic Aviator Sunglasses The pilot-glasses are never out of style and tend to fit any style. Whether you’re at the beach or strolling downtown, aviator glasses are a great addition to your summer outfit.

● Square Sunglasses Unique and vintage-looking, squares sunglasses add a classic and intriguing edge to your ensemble. If you want to look great and send a bold message this summer, square sunglasses are the way to go.

● Novelty Sunglasses Clashing and interesting novelty items are a must for the stylish. Fun and novelty sunglasses provide a way for you to let your personality shine through your shades.

● Oversized Retro Sunglasses Large sunglasses are hot in 2020. While they’ve been up-and-coming for awhile, this year they’re taking the lead as one of the most popular styles around. The larger the better when it comes to these retro accessories.

● Basic Oval Sunglasses Make a classic, simple statement with basic oval sunglasses. They have an older air about them and offer a variation from the bold and unique style of the year’s other trends.

ZunnyDaz is the place to find these trends and more while giving back to the community. Make a statement in 2020 at ZunnyDaz.


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