ZUNNY TIP | How to Properly Clean Your Sunglasses

ZUNNY TIP | How to Properly Clean Your Sunglasses

January 23, 2020

ZUNNY TIP | How to Properly Clean Your Sunglasses | ZunnyDāz

Every pair of sunglasses that get worn are bound to get dirty, regardless of the wearer and regardless of the type of lens. Your sunglasses get daily use and this is sure to get them fairly dirty, resulting in the need for a good cleaning every once and a while.

Well, we’ve some good news for you because although they get dirty, cleaning them isn’t a hassle at all. We’ve got the best way that you can properly clean your sunglasses in the blog post below and, the best part? It’s super quick.

Just a quick breeze over the following steps and you’ll be a sunglass cleaning pro in no time!

How to clean them.

1. Take the sunglasses and moisten them under warm tap water, putting a dab of dish soap on them after. Then take your fingers and gently rub the frame and lens. If you’ve got some especially stubborn grime on it you might need to use a microfiber cloth to help get it off.

2. After that rinse them off with the warm water and enjoy watching all the dirt and filth wash down the drain!

3. Take a microfiber or lint-free cloth (a towel may leave your lenses covered in towel fuzz) and dry them off.


While we’re including how to take care of your sunglasses, I thought it would be good to include a few of the things you want to remember not to do. Most of these things are habits that people have gotten into, not always realizing that they’re doing more damage than good.

1. Any spitting or blowing on your sunglasses is a big no-no. Not only is it not hygienic, but it’s also really gross. Just don’t.

2. Never rub or attempt to clean your sunglasses with your clothes. It will only scratch them.

3. If you attempt to dry your sunglasses with a paper towel, napkin or any other form of paper product it will just do damage and leave scratches on them.

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